Nice atmosphere, nationaland european cuisine.

About Bеssarabian Province

Restaurant with tradition.
Comrat city, srt. Vinzavodscaia 1
12:00 – 23:00, daily.

Dear friends!

Our restaurant “Bеssarabian Province” is located in Comrat.
The idea of ​​opening the restaurant came in the process of restoring the historic wine court “Vinuri de Comrat”, which was established in 1987 during the province of Bessarabia.
For you there is a room with fireplace for 12 people in the cellar from 1897, carefully restored and equipped in the style of the province of Bessarabia. The winery can also accommodate up to 80 people if you are planning a big event.
The terrace overlooking the 19th-century architectural buildings, fountains and vineyards is ready to welcome you in comfortable gazebos, immersed in greenery, flowers and the song of birds.
Meat dishes are cooked on tandoor, grill and wood sausage, which gives them a special taste.
We love our work very much, and every dish is a work of art, in which the southern soul is invested.
A special place in the restaurant menu is occupied by the amazing wines from the south, which go perfectly with our dishes.
The concept of restaurant is not just about food. After a tasty meal, you can take an interesting tour of the factory, visit the Museum of Forgotten Things, go for a bike ride, take part in competitions and win a prize, as well as darts, table tennis and billiards for outdoor enthusiasts. .

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Restaurant Bеssarabian Province

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Salad Provence ( fresh vegetables, oregano with olives, sheep’s cheese and herbs) 300g./100 lei

Salad with grilled chicken fillet, garlic croutons, Ayoli sauce, fresh vegetables and herbs 300g./100 lei

Salad with feta mousse and fresh vegetables 300g./100 lei

Salad with chicken  roulade with pesto, parmesan, “Aioli” sauce, fresh vegetables and herbs 300g./100 lei

Stewed lamb salad with fresh vegetables, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes with Satsivi sauce 310g./100 lei

Salad with salmon, parmesan and fresh vegetables with hot and sweet sauce 300g./110 lei

Salad with salmon, broccoli, cauliflower and fresh vegetables with spicy sweet sauce 300g./105 lei


Eggplant appetizer in assortment 260g./90 lei

Fish platter (salmon, tartlets with caviar, mussels, balyk, black and green olives) 150/120g./130 lei

Lamb liver pate with Fresh vegetable tartare and homemade bread toast 150/30g/100 lei

Sheppard’s appetizer (cold kaurma, homemade bacon, sheep cheese, fresh vegetables and herbs) 350g./110 lei

Meat mix plate (Cold boiled pork, chicken roll, pork roll with adjika, tomatoes, green onion 200/100 g./130 lei

Jerky mix plate (Jerky mix (4 types), olives, lemon)  200/100 g./270 lei

Salami mix plate (salami mix (4 types), olives, lemon)  200/100 g./160 lei

Meat mix plate (3 types of meat, onion, olives, lemon) 600/300 g./540 lei

Cheese plate with grapes, olives, nuts, dried apricots, pomegranate, honey and crackers 360g./130 lei

Sheep’s milk cheese 100g./35 lei

Gagauzian adjika 50g./30 lei

Mujdei 50g./25 lei

Meat dishes

Lamb baked in a tandoor with onion, adjika and herbs 200g./95 lei

Leg of lamb baked in a tandoor with assorted vegetables cooked on charcoal, gözleme with sheep’s milk cheese, homemade potatoes with garlic sauce and herbs 3300g./1360 lei

Chuck of lamb baked in a tandoor with assorted vegetables cooked on charcoal, gözleme with sheep’s milk cheese, homemade potatoes with garlic sauce and herbs 2600g./1120 lei

Lamb liver in natural casing baked on charcoal 130g./105 lei

Quail baked in tandoor 190g./95 lei

Boston butt steak baked on charcoal with chickpea strudel and assorted homemade pickles 400g./180 lei

Pork ribs baked on charcoal , with bbq sauce, onion, tomatoes 240g./90 lei

Beaf steak  ribeye baked on charcoal, with grilled and baked vegetables 300g/400 lei

Beaf steak  stripliane baked on charcoal with condiments 300g/450 lei

Duck leg with crispy crust and apple-celery cream 380g./170 lei

Chicken barbeque on charcoal with garlic sauce, green onion, tomatoes 200/40g./90 lei

Juicy homemade chicken-tabaca marinated with homemade adjika, cooked on charcoal 100 g/ 50 lei


Dorado or Seabass, with spices cooked on charcoal, mujdei, lemon 100g./55 lei

Dorado fillet with “Beurre Blanc” sauce with baked vegetables garnish 380g./250 lei

Salmon steak with grilled vegetables 170g./70g./260 lei

Сarp, with spices cooked on charcoal, mujdei, lemon 100g./40 lei


Bulgur with lamb and vegetables 200g./50 lei

Mamaliga with sour cream and sheep’s milk cheese 300g./65 lei

Homemade potatoes with bell pepper, garlic sauce and herbs 250g./55 lei

Grilled vegetables with sauce Satsivi 370g./90 lei

Rice with vegetables 200g./50 lei

Traditional Bessarabian Potatoes 360g./80 lei


Pasta with bacon and parmesan with herbal tomato sauce 350g./110 lei

Hot Ravioli stuffed with meat under spicy tomato sauce and parmesan 315g./110 lei


Lamb shurpa with herbs 450g./85 lei

Homemade chicken zama with homemade noodles and herbs 450g./70 lei

Lentil cream soup with slices of veal cooked on charcoal with feta cheese mousse 450g./60 lei

Fish soup from salmon and white fish meat with vegetables and herbs 450g./85 lei


Homemade gozleme with sheep’s milk cheese 100g./35 lei

Homemade gozleme with lamb 100g./35 lei

Gagauzian placinta with sour cream and cottage cheese cooked in the oven 120g./35 lei

White bread  90g./15 lei

Rye bread  90g./8 lei

Hot white bread toasts  60g./30 lei


Hot apple strudel with homemade currant ice cream with cashew nuts and caramel cream sauce 250g./55 lei

Hot strudel stuffed with cherries with homemade vanilla ice cream and caramel cream sauce 250g./55 lei

Cherry cheesecake with mint 200 g/55 lei

Chocolate fondant with sweet and sour currant mousse with mint and ice cream with Baileys liqueur 200g./55 lei

Homemade Ice cream in assortment (blackcurrant, vanilla, chocolate baileys) 150g/55 lei


Tea and coffee

tea with sea buckthorn, ginger and orange 350ml./40 lei

Blackcurrant tea 350ml./40 lei

Herbal  tea with honey 200ml / 40 lei

Black / green tea with homemade jam 200ml / 25 lei

Coffee “Americano” / “Espresso” 100ml / 50ml / 25 lei

Cappuccino 150 ml / 30 lei

Latte 150 ml / 30 lei

Cold drinks

Sparkling mineral water 0.5l / 20 lei

Still mineral water 0.5l / 20 lei

Juices in assortment 1l / 50 lei

Sprite /Coca Cola/ Fanta 0.5l./25 lei


Tuborg Green light 0.5l./30lei

Carlsberg light 0.45l./28lei

Carsberg Alcohol free 0.45l./30lei

Kronenburg light 0.47l./30lei

Wine by the glass

Feteasca alba “Folklore” white dry 150ml / 25 lei

Sauvignon Blanc “Folklore” white dry 150ml / 25lei

Rose de Comrat rose dry 150ml / 25 lei

Feteaska neagra rara neagra “Folklore” red dry 150ml / 35 lei

Merlot Shiraz “Plai” red dry 150ml / 35 lei

Saperavi Bessarabian Province red dry 150ml / 40 lei

Bottled wine

Feteasca Alba “Folclore” white dry 750ml / 110 lei

Sauvignon Blanc “Folclore” white dry 750ml / 110lei

Rose de Comrat rose dry 750ml / 110 lei

Detox Cabernet Sauvignon red dry 750ml / 110 lei

Feteaska Neagra Rara Neagra “Folclore” red dry 750ml / 150 lei

Merlot Shiraz “Plai” red dry 750ml / 150 lei

Saperavi Bastardo “Plai” red dry 750ml / 150 lei

Cabernet Sauvignon Feteasca Neagra “Plai” red dry 750ml / 140 lei

Saperavi Bessarabian Province red dry  750ml / 200 lei

Vodka and Rakiya

Vodka “Absolut” 50ml / 30 lei, 500ml./300 lei

Vodka “Khortytsa Platinum” 50ml / 20 lei, 500ml./200 lei

Vodka “Khortytsa Ice”50ml / 20 lei, 500ml./200lei

Vodka “Absolut50ml / 25 lei , 500ml./250 lei

Vodka “Finlandia”50ml / 20 lei, 500ml./200lei/700ml./250 lei

Vodka “Russian Standart”50ml / 25 lei, 500ml./200lei

Rakiya Quince 50ml / 30 lei

Rakiya Plum 50ml / 20 lei

Rakiya pear 50ml / 25 lei

 Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine “Cricova Prestige” Brut 750l / 200 lei

Sparkling wine “Cricova ” dry 750l / 120 lei

Sparkling wine “Cricova Crisseco” Brut 750l / 120lei

Semidry sparkling wine “Cricova Lacrima Dulce” 750ml / 100 lei

Semidry sparkling wine “Cricova Muscat” 750ml / 120 lei

Sparkling wine “Cricova” sweet 750ml / 90 lei


Divin Kvint Surprise 10*       50 ml / 30 lei, 500ml./300 lei

Divin Kvint 5*         50 ml / 22 lei, 500ml./220 lei

Divin Bardar 5 *     50 ml / 22 lei, 500ml./220 lei

Divin Calarasi 5*   50 ml / 22 lei, 500ml./220 lei


J&B 500ml./300lei

Jack Daniels 50ml./50lei, 500 ml./500 lei


Corsica Sunrise(rose wine, martini fiero, strawberry, mint, lemon) 480ml./60 lei

Rocket-bomb-Petard (sparkling wine, martini fiero, triple sec, orange, mint) 480 ml./70 lei

Mohito 480ml./60 lei

PinaColada 480ml./60 lei

Aperol 480ml./60 lei