Weekend with Vinuri de Comrat on a comfortable bus from Chisinau

400,00 MDL

What’s included:

  • Transport – Chisinau-Comrat-Chisinau
  • Guided tour of the 19th century wine manor and cellars (Russian, Romanian, English).
  • Tasting of 6 famous wines (98 Hectares, Plai, Rosé de Comrat, Collection wines + nuts, crackers, mineral water)
  • Photo session in national Gagauz cloths.
  • Entertainment (Darts, Biking, Billiards, Badminton)


Dear friends!

We invite you to have a wonderful time at our winery!

Every Saturday we open our doors for those, who want to plunge into the culture of winemaking, into the secrets of the national Gagauz cuisine, learn more about the unique wine region of Moldova- Gagauzia!

We offer you a trip to the South of Moldova, Comrat city, where you will learn about the Wine Manor with more than 125 years of history (old wine cellars, architectural and historical buildings of Bessarabian province from 19th century) and reveal the secrets of winemaking. National cuisine, cooked in an oven in a cozy green area, accompanied by bird song, will create an unforgettable marriage with the best wines from the South of Moldova!

Every Saturday:

– Departure from Chisinau str. Minsk 49/1 at 10:00

– Arrival in Comrat Wine Manor at 12:00

– Departure from Comrat at 17:00

– Arrival in Chisinau str. Minsk 49/1 at 19:00

Ticket price – 400 lei

Can be purchased:

Vinuri de Comrat stores: https://vinuridecomrat.md/magazine/#chisinau

Lunch – at an additional cost (order on arrival),  https://vinuridecomrat.md/restaurant/:

Wine – 15% discount