Plai Merlot Shirah

120,00 MDL


Dry red wine made from two selected grape varieties Merlot and Syrah, harvested in 2015 cultivated in the Valul lui Traian region. Aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. Moldova is a beautiful region with a rich old history! And can you have a story without people? So in Moldova the most valuable wealth is people who grow ripe and juicy grapes and make amazing and memorable wines from it! The historical events have made our country multinational, people here are friendly, hard-working and cheerful. So in the wines of PLAI collection, the winemaker combined wines in a blend that, like people, complement each other, make the sensation of acquaintance brighter and is remembered for a long time.

Maturation of wine in French oak barrels for 12 months.
Alc: 13%
Color: From dark red to dark cherry.
Aroma: Black forest berries with tones of exposure, ripe cherries and vanilla-chocolate notes predominate.
Taste: Full, velvety, with fruity notes, vanilla-chocolate tones and spices.
Recommended for warm salads, meat dishes, poultry.
Serve at a temperature of + 18- + 20 C

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