The first winery in Gagauzia, Comrat, Moldova.

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Vinuri de Comrat

Wines of Vinuri de Comrat are wines with a particularly southern temperament and taste!

Republic of Moldova is situated in the southeastern part of Europe. It is a small hospitable country , which is famous all over the world by its winemaking traditions. The territory of Moldova is 33846 sq.km, 1476 sq.km of vineyards Vinuri de Comrat winery is situated on the South of Moldova , in Comrat , the capital of Gagauzia.


Our restaurant “Bеssarabian Province” is located in Comrat.
The idea of ​​opening the restaurant came in the process of restoring the historic wine court “Vinuri de Comrat”, which was established in 1987 during the province of Bessarabia.

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Comrat Wines – is the oldest winery located in the southern part of Moldova. For over 120 years, Comrat winemakers have preserved and passed down from generation to generation the classic tradition of making unique wines from the south of Moldova, which gives Comrat wines their natural freshness, elegance and potability.

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    Pastoral liqueur wine

    67,00 MDL
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    Folclor Feteasca Alba

    60,00 MDL
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    Cabernet Sauvignon dry book bag in box 3L

    117,00 MDL
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    Plai Cabernet Feteasca Neagra

    120,00 MDL
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    98 Hectares Merlot

    110,00 MDL
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    Fresh Up Merlot semidry sparkling

    50,00 MDL
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    Daily tours.

    250,00 MDL
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    Saperavi wine red 20L

    420,00 MDL


Vinuri de Comrat


R. Moldova, or. Comrat, srt. Vinzavodscaia 1